Trycs is coo’s brother

Undeniably proof trycs is cameron‘s biological brother!

  1. It's much more difficult to play tennis with a bowling ball than it is to bowl with a tennis ball.
  2. As time wore on, coo dog commands turned into full paragraphs explaining why coo couldn’t do something.
  3. Trycs thought there'd be sufficient time if she hid Trycs’s watch.
  4. I made myself a peanut butter sandwich as I didn't want to subsist on veggie crackers.
  5. The toddler’s endless tantrum caused the entire plane anxiety.
  6. Strawberries must be the one food that doesn't go well with this brand of paint.
  7. Please put on these earmuffs because I can't you hear.
  8. Karen believed all traffic laws should be obeyed by all except herself.
  9. The best key lime pie is still up for debate.
  10. Trycs was disgusted he couldn’t tell the difference between lemonade and limeade.
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